Tutor Group 5 Autumn 2022

September 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to TG5. The students have settled in quickly, looking happy and healthy after the summer break.

Please read below an outline of the subjects/topics that your child will be learning about this autumn term



We will continue to work on the letters and sounds program; ‘Little Wandles revisit’ to reinforce and master sounds that will help each student recognise, blend, segment and read with increasing accuracy and fluency. Phonics will be carried out daily through a range of activities.

Shape coding will be reintroduced to help the students create verbally grammatically correct sentences.

We will use our shape coding skills to develop our writing, focusing on punctuation.



TG5 students will focus on developing their understanding of numbers and place value. They will work on sequencing numbers, reading and writing to and beyond 100. The students will work on recognising the largest and smallest numbers from a choice of up to 3 numbers and recognising odd and even numbers. Using real objects and number grids will help develop these concepts. We will also work on addition and subtraction and learning to regroup. Money, length and the properties of shapes will also be taught using practical tasks and real objects.



The theme is My Story and Family Heritage. The students will focus on photos of themselves as a baby, toddler, child and teenager. They will learn to identify themselves and discuss their attributes as well as their friends.



The topic for this term is ‘Animals including humans.’  The class will learn about what is needed for the body in terms of nutrition, and healthy food choices. We will understand the functions of human and animal skeletons. We will look at muscles and name some muscles, the digestive system, teeth, and the food chain and identify producers, predators and prey.



PSHE is an integral part of our time in school. The students will develop their communication skills by learning to work together to develop their understanding of Things we are good at.  

We will look at similarities and differences between each other, what makes us unique, describe our emotions, list things that we and our friends are good at as well as talk about our emotions. Taking care of ourselves focuses on how and why we need to look after ourselves and the importance of hygiene. We will make links with the scientific topic of Animals including humans, looking at healthy eating and teeth.



TG5 students will learn about what a computer is. They will look at the different parts of a computer device as well as their purpose. They will use laptops and tablets to explore different programmes.


Expressive Arts - Art and Design, Physical Development

Dance and music will be a weekly occurrence for the students.


The theme for Art/Design is Art Skills. The students will look at cartoonist Carl Giles and learn to depict themselves and their families in the same style as Giles. They will learn to use tints and shades to paint from light to dark in smooth and neat strokes.  The students will develop art skills through puppet-making activities.


The students will have weekly PE sessions as well as fortnightly swimming and Hydrotherapy.


Homework This will be given out every Friday. The work will be primarily linked to the literacy or numeracy topics covered that week. Reading daily with your child for at least 10-15 minutes would help support and enhance their skills and confidence.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,


Class Tutor: Pamela Palanyandi

Support Staff: Angela, Ewa, Kwame, Vessy