Tutor Group 6 Spring Term 2023

January 2023


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to the new term and Happy New Year. 



This term’s Geography topic is ‘Our Local Area’. Beyond learning about our local environment, we will be learning how to survey and record information and will be conducting local fact-finding expeditions to see what styles of housing and other buildings there are locally. We will be charting maps and making ariel and birds-eye-view drawings of our classroom and school.



In English we are going to be using our senses and poetry to explore the world around us and the weather.  We will use our recent trip to Highgate Woods to inform our writing and think about how emotions and feelings can be stirred and conjured up with language. We will learn some poetic writing skills and apply them to our own work.

We will continue improving our phonetic skills and be moving on to set 2 letters and sounds and practising our reading and spelling skills.



Within maths this term we will be returning to time, number & place value, addition & subtraction and measuring capacity and mass. The students will be practising telling the time in 5 minutes to work out the difference between two time intervals.



Our focus for PSHEwill be Managing Strong Feelings. Through stories and plays, we will explore what it is like to feel sadness, frustration, anger, and joy and learn different ways to identify and deal with these emotions.


We will continue on the theme of Animals including Humans in Science. We will learn how animals are classified and try our hands at sorting different animals into categories by their attributes. We will also use our Local Area topic work to think about what living things we share our environment with and think about the impact of humans on ecosystems and habitats.



The theme of R.E. this half term is ‘Friendship’. We will be looking at who are friends are and what makes a good friend. We will be talking about positive and negative consequences for our actions and how these ideas link to the teaching of the major religions.


Independance and Employability Skills.

We are moving on from our kitchen skills to Self-Advocacy and Employability Skills.  TG6 will be learning about health and social services available to them and learning how to access them by making phone calls and sending emails. For Employability, they will Carry Out a Practical Task in the Workplace (School) and Follow Instructions in the Workplace (School).

If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Yours sincerely,

Ellen Power