Polar Bear Class Summer 2023

April 2023 


Dear Parents and Carers,

We would like to welcome you back to school after the Easter holidays. Please find an overview of the work that your child will be completing this term.


English-  We will begin to develop our understanding of poems (patterns and rhymes). We will be learning the rhyme, The Peas and the Sneeze; a fun way to introduce the children to rhyming words and simple narrative. Our stories will include the Three Billy Goats Gruff, with finger puppets. We will continue to develop our communication skills through Makaton, Grid 3 and visuals e.g. aided language displays/symbols), to support the children’s understanding and provide them with the opportunity of expression and movements.


Phonics- We will demonstrate good listening behaviour, use rhymes and phrases. We will continue to expand environmental sounds to include familiar everyday sounds such as door creaking, slamming, opening, shutting, smelling various herb scents, chopping, hammering and many other sounds.


Maths - We will differentiate between big and small using various familiar objects such as toys, leaves, foods and building blocks. We will learn to match, sort, roll the dice and stack up soft blocks in our counting activities. We will begin to explore patterns and how to make patterns to develop their knowledge on similarities and differences. We will continue to practice how to respond to very obvious stimuli, how to turn our heads in response to sounds and sights, gain knowledge of why random activities cause an effect, know how to respond with facial and gestural expressions, vocalisation and body movements.


Science- We will engage in sensory, shared, co-active exploration of plants and flowers. Areas covered include identifying names of wild, garden plants, basic structure of flowering plants and observe how seeds and bulbs grow. We will also look at why plants need water, light and a suitable temperature to grow. Our learning includes a trip to the local park. We will explore seeds/sand, plant sunflower seedlings and record their growth and finally, read the story of Jack and The Beanstalk. 


PE- We aim to develop our fine and gross motor skills in a variety of ways. We will explore balance, by holding on to objects such as a small ball (whether standing or seated), star poses on cue and freeze games. We will practise our hand-eye and where possible, foot coordination skills through gauging and throwing of balls into hoops, skittles games and Velcro ball and catch games. We will stretch, have hydrotherapy and experience the great outdoors-bringing the outdoors inside. Our swimming days are now Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Sometimes, extra swimming slots open up on other days, so please feel free to send your child’s swimming kit into school for us to keep in case this happens, and we will send it home once it has been used.


ICT- The topic this term for Computing is Programming. We will use cause and effect buttons and develop our listening skills through choices. We will continue using Makaton/communication cards/aided language displays-more/choice/finish and adults to support learning throughout the term. Activities would be tailored to the needs of each child and also to encourage independence as much as possible. 


Art and Design- Our topic is Landscapes using different media. We will visit the pond in our local area. We will explore beach textures and attempt to produce textures found at the beach. We will also explore waves of water on their feet – splashing/splashing– either bench sitting and feet immersed in water– our feet will glide through water. We will be introduced to shades and colours of the sea and create a beach scene backdrop – through paint and collage. We will paint over textures and make a beach collage. We will explore and use objects and materials related to the seaside.


RE- This term, our topic will focus on understanding the world; why some stories are special. We will explore ‘special’ books/stories and why they are important to us. We will choose various books in class or from home and share it with the rest of our friends. We will learn that the Bible is special to Christians by introducing it-linked back to last term’s work on Jesus, Easter and the symbols of Christianity. 


Music- Our theme for music is Soundscapes; Under the Sea-Beach soundscapes using sound effects and instruments, Sea shanties and meditative music.


Geography- We will focus on understanding the world and engage in sensory, shared exploration of the desert and rainforest. We will listen to songs about the theme, explore some of the features of these, and create our own deserts and rainforests. We will explore sensory trays with sand, water and mini trees/greens with appropriate sounds to enhance our experience.


PSHE- Our theme for this term is Self-Care and Independence: Changing and Growing. We will engage with our favourite people. We will gain knowledge on hygiene- how to wash our hands using soap and tidying up (daily chores). We will develop imitation skills, learn how to follow instructions, utilize adaptive equipment, listening skills, the ability to focus on a task and the ability to engage with others. We will look at pictures of our families.


Please email us to let us know how your child is doing during the weekends or any news you would like to share with us – we love to hear about what the children are enjoying outside of school.

Best wishes,


Lorna and class team