Tutor Group 1 Summer 2023

April 2023 


Dear Parents and Carers, 


Welcome back to the Summer term. We have had a lovely start to the term and we are looking forward to the rest of the summer.


Communication and Language – We will continue developing our listening and communication, turn taking and choosing skills. We will also continue working closely with Speech and Language Therapists to support children’s individual communication targets. In English we are going to be revisiting poetry. We will focus on rhyming words and poems. 


Physical development – This term we will continue to have special yoga, hydrotherapy and dance on a weekly basis.  We are extremely happy to continue working with Circus Crew who come weekly to work with us practising our gross and motor skills – catching and throwing, juggling and balancing. 


During Maths sessions we will concentrate on exploring numbers and quantities, patterns, colours and shapes through cooking, sensory exploration and anticipation games.


In Phonics we will be developing our sound differentiation skills, listening to and beginning to recognise different environmental and musical sounds. We will be listening and playing a variety of different instruments and developing our ‘stop and go’ skills.


In Science this term pupils will be learning about Earth and Space where through sensory exploration we will identify the main features of Planet Earth (land and water). Plants will be studied next half term.


In PSHE our focus will be on Different types of relationships, we are going to look at our families, how different and how similar they are. For that reason we would be very grateful if you could send to school a photo of your family for pupils to look at and share.


Why are Some Stories Special? is our focus in R.E. We will think about a story or book we like and think about why it is special to us.


Thank you in advance for your support.  We look forward to discussing your child’s progress at their PSP (Personal Support Plans) and Annual Review meetings.


With Best Wishes,


Lilia (class teacher) and TG1 team