Paddington Class Autumn 2020

September 2020


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to you all.


It has been a delight to engage with the children who have been able to return to school. We have been amazed to see how much they have grown over the last months!  It has also been very positive linking up with their classmates via zoom sessions.


We will continue to join together with all the pupils in the class via regular zoom sessions and hope that it won’t be too long before we can all meet up in school again.


We appreciate that this is a very unusual start to the new academic year and that the children will need time to readjust to the school environment and all aspects of returning to school after such a prolonged absence.


With this in mind we will be implementing a “recovery curriculum” which acknowledges that there have been big losses to children as they have stayed at home and that these losses can contribute to pupil’s mental health, with anxiety, trauma and bereavement playing a significant role. The normal routines which keep our children feeling safe and secure will have been disrupted and they may very well have been aware that those around them have been distracted or behaving differently.


In Paddington class we have always used a holistic approach to the curriculum and we will continue to work in this way as we gradually reintroduce pupils to routines and favourite activities and rebuild our friendships and bonds with peers and adults.


We will therefore focus on our relationships with each other; encourage the children to express their feelings through continuing to develop total communication systems for individuals; ensure the physical wellbeing of each child is appropriately monitored and managed; and of course we will have fun – by returning to activities which we know the children have enjoyed.


The topic for this term is very appropriately ‘This is Me’.


Our sensory curriculum will provide us with inspiration and lots of opportunities to investigate this theme through play and exploration. We will make our curriculum as creative and as interactive as possible and explore using a variety of sensory and immersive activities, to stimulate the children’s awareness and encourage participation in their learning.


We are looking forward to a positive and productive term – and we aim to involve you all as much as possible.



With best wishes,

Mary James (class teacher) and Stacey, Sandy, Aysha and Tijhen