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Vale School Curriculum Overview

The Vale School Curriculum is designed and tailored carefully to meet the needs of our children. We have thought carefully about the intent for our curriculum to offer our students the opportunity to be ‘The best we can be.’ 

We strive to provide the very best learning opportunities for all, and are creative in our approach to ensure a personalised learning journey for every child. Child-centred team work is at the core of everything we do. Our bespoke curriculum is underpinned by the National Curriculum and has been created to meet the needs of our learners, and provide stretch and challenge for all. 

Our curriculum follows a three year cycle and we have a separate curriculum for our EYFS, primary and secondary schools. Children who are fully included in our mainstream partner schools will follow the curriculum of these mainstream partner schools and information about this can be found on these school’s websites. We have three main curriculum pathways, Engagement,  Emerging and Functional and more information about these pathways can be found in our curriculum rationale.  

Please see the diagram below for more information about which subjects are covered in each pathway.

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