Tutor Group 4 Summer 2022

April 2022


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome back to you all. We hope you had a restful Break. We are looking forward to an exciting and engaging Summer term. 


This term’s topic is called “ocean treasures” We will be looking at oceans and comparing them to deserts, mountains and forests, exploring wildlife habitats, the needs of wild-life, birds and ocean-life.


We will continue to focus on ensuring our students are happy, nurtured, feel safe and are able to engage with their learning.


English - This term we will continue to work on our phonics and our focus on communication. We will also continue our work on ‘Shape Coding’, which will help our students speak and write in composed and, well ordered sentences.  We will be reading a wide range of books chosen by the students and will be practising writing sentences using symbols and core vocabulary regularly.


Maths - We will be looking at number bonds, sums and exploring 2D Shapes. The students will be learning about time and looking at their daily routines as well as learn about what happens when the seasons are changing. The students will also be learning about capacity and volume, and will be attempting to apply these to real life situations within our regular cooking sessions.


PSHE - Within PSHE we will be focusing on keeping safe and learning about importance of expressing concerns to the correct people privately and in the public.


Science - We will be learning about Materials and their properties. We will be learning about how to sort materials according to their uses and their needs. We will be also looking at how materials are used in everyday life.


Physical development and wellbeing - We will continue working on the Open Minds Project, focusing on mental wellbeing. The sessions will be led by Paula Manning and will incorporate drama communication and dance. Dance will continue on Tuesdays with our dance teacher and physical development will also be an integral part of our week with weekly Special Yoga sessions.

Music will be taught once a week and Art and design will be incorporated into the Science and Humanities topics.


If you have any questions regarding this information, please do not hesitate to ask.


Nora Chetouane and TG4 team.