There are fourteen governors on the governing board. The board is made up of the following types of governor:

4 Parent Governors

1 Staff Governor

1 Headteacher Governor

1 Local Authority Governor

7 Co-opted Governors

Parent governors are elected by the parent body and elections are organised and run by the school. Staff governors are elected by the staff. Local Authority Governors are nominated by the Local Authority. Co-opted governors are invited onto the board by board members. Governors have a four-year term of office. The governing board meets each half term. Meetings are usually open to the public and parents / persons with parental responsibility are warmly welcomed to attend our meetings.

Vale Governors play an active and crucial role in the strategic management of the school. They act as a ‘critical friend’ to ensure that the provision for the pupils is of the highest quality and that the school meets all statutory requirements.

There are three sub-committees that meet alongside the full governing body meetings, the Resources Committee, School Development Committee and Pay Committee. Please see the terms of reference documents for further information about these committees.

Parent Governors:

Leandra Rhoese (12-12-23 - 12-12-27)

Alaine Williamson – Taylor (07-07-21 - 07-07-25)

  • Link Governor for TG2

Stephanie Buckingham (15–10–21 - 15-10-25)

  • Chair of Resources Committee
  • Link Governor for Teddy Bear Class

Susie May (12-12-19 - 12-12-27)

  • Chair of School Development Committee
  • Link Governor for TG1

Staff Governor:

Lilia Koskinen (08-02-24 - 08-02-28)

  • Link Governor for Vale@Belmont

Headteacher Governor:

Dawn Woodcock

Local Authority Governor:

Deborah Dent (10-07-23 - 10-07-27)

  • Link Governor for Careers
  • Link Governor for TG6

Co-opted Governors:

Phil Di Leo (09-03-23 – 09-03-27)

  • Chair of Governors
  • Link Governor for TG5

Gillian Martin (12-12-19 - 30-11-27)

  • Link Governor for Safeguarding and Health and Safety
  • Link Governor for TG3

Minakshi Dogra (09-02-24 -09-02-28 )

  • Vice Chair of Governors
  • Link Governor for Brown Bear Class
  • Link Governor for Parent Partnership

Emma Spiers  (10-07-23 - 10-07-27)

  • Link Governor for Polar Bear Class

Lisa Rustean (08-02-24 - 08-02-28)

  • Link Governor for Paddington Bear Class


Associate Governor

Jean Brown (01-02-23 - 01-02-27)

  • Link Governor for TG4

Clerk to Governing Body:

Jan Smosarski